We are a locally owned, energetic and innovative company that is looking to simplify the building process in Tasmania.

With over 30 years combined experience in the local truss and frame industry, our dedicated staff are experienced in assisting builders to achieve the best possible prefab solutions, utilising their diverse skill set to ensure the highest quality outcome for every project.


Roof Trusses

With over 35 years of truss detailing experience, we pride ourselves on our innovative way of looking at structural design options and a trussed roof is no exception. There are several ways to truss even the most basic of roofs and we are always looking to supply a product that is, not only cost effective, but that also saves time and reduces head scratching on site. MiTek’s 3D mobile app will soon allow us to send your roof and wall model direct to your mobile devise for viewing.



Floor Systems


We can quote and supply a number of structurally engineered timber products, suitable for a range of applications, including floor systems. These products include LVLs, I-Joists, solid timber, etc. As part of our ‘Total’ service we provide a full bearer and joist layout, as well as double checking specified sizes and offering an alternate/cheaper solution, if at all possible.


Prefabricated Wallframes

Our ‘Total’ prefab frame has enjoyed some early success in the market. With our market leading software, and extensive industry experience, our prefab frames have received excellent reviews and are changing the industry perspective on this product, for the better. This product is perfectly suited to a quick build, not only saving days of work on site, but solving time consuming issues at the design stage.

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Product Development

As part of our passion for innovation, we are always looking to develop an easier/better way to help in the construction process. We are currently developing our own version of a prefab cassette flooring system. These cassettes have a range of applications and will be a perfect compliment to our ‘Total’ prefab frames and roof trusses, to achieve a speedy build with confidence. This product is well suited to multi-residential and commercial building projects.